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Automated Analysis

Automated data analysis is the use of computer algorithms to scan, process, and analyze data.

Software can be used to automate some kinds of data collection, and for cleaning, interpreting, and summarizing for reporting and analytical purposes. Depending on the task, software can perform operations at great speed and reduce manual labor.

Different software is available in the market, depending on the type of data automation and analysis required. Automated analysis is particularly useful for repetitive tasks, such as monthly reporting on a set of standardized internal data.

Machine learning can also be used to automate tasks such as recognizing images, generating categories, extracting proper nouns etc.; that is, analyzing qualitative data. Machine learning has been used to detect incidents of hate crimes reported in the news, and to uncover mass graves in Mexico.

As with any other method of analysis, computer models should be rigorously reviewed. Biased data collection, modeling, and weighting can produce biased results.