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Assembly & Association

The Labour Rights Indicators data set is prepared by the Center for Global Workers' Rights to provide comprehensive numerical information on country-level compliance with freedom of association and collective bargaining rights that is comparable between countries and over time.

The Index of Freedom in the World is published by the Fraser Institute, Germany's Liberales Institute, and the U.S. Cato Institute to measure classic civil liberties, including the freedom of assembly and association.

Similarly, Freedom House has developed its Freedom in the World Index that ranks countries by political and civil rights that are in large part derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Institutional Profiles Database by Center for Prospective Studies and International Information constructs composite indicators built from perception data to facilitate research on the relationship between institutions, long-term economic growth, and development. For example, the degree of public freedom indicator in each country is addressed by considering factors such as freedom of assembly and association.