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Migration is a complex issue, involving human rights risks in the home country, countries of transit, and host countries.

The UN maintains the Global Migration Database. The International Labour Organization maintains data on labor migration. UNHCR maintains current and historical data on refugees.

The 2016 Migration Governance Index, formulated by the Economist Intelligence Unit and supported financially by the International Organization for Migration, assesses country-specific migration governance policies and institutions.

The Migrant Integration Policy Index measures policies to integrate migrants in all EU Member States, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA. The index is a useful tool to evaluate and compare what governments are doing to promote the integration of migrants in all the countries analyzed.

The Asylum Information Database contains asylum conditions and policies for 16 countries in Europe.

Some country data sets in ICF-Macro’s Demographic and Health Surveys, UNICEF’s Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, and the World Bank’s Living Standards Measurement Study can be disaggregated by migration status.